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What’s the Difference Between UX and UI?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. UX stands for “user experience”, while UI stands for “user interface”. These two concepts might seem indistinguishable. They also might seem like fancy words that describe not a whole lot. The truth, however, is that they are independent practices serving very different — and important — […]

Does My Startup Really Need a Prototype? Really??

So you’ve got a great idea. You’ve assembled a crack team of marketers, sales people, client support and investors. You’re ready to get your idea transformed from vaporware to a fully functioning, sellable web application. These are exciting moments in your new business venture’s life cycle. It’s time to take your idea and have some […]

5 Signs Your Startup Needs a Prototype

A prototype is a visual, tangible representation of an application that doesn’t require full-fledged development. Our clients have found these models incredibly useful in applying a lean methodology to their application build. So how do you know if you need a prototype? You are seeking outside investment.  Very few investors and customers understand code, but […]

The Lean UX Canvas

We work with a lot of companies in varying states of maturity. Some prospective clients come in with workflows, user identities and fully vetted business models — they just need an objective, expert hand to finalize strategy and design. Some folks come in with nothing more than a fantastic idea and a basic blueprint of […]