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JEP-00072 SOAP Over SMPP has been released. Looks pretty cool. SOAP is, as the JEP says, “agnostic” about its transport protocol, although it’s typically used over HTTP. Using it over XMPP might have some interesting possibilities.


XP updates

Microsoft has released this Package Installer thing that supposedly significantly reduces the size of updates. I continue to find myself wondering why something like bittorrent isn’t used for this.


apple, Intel, and AMD

On the heels of the lawsuits filed by AMD vs. Intel, analysts are starting to wonder about how this might affect Apple’s decision to go with Intel: Martin Reynolds, an analyst at Gartner Inc., headquartered in Stamford, Conn, agreed, saying, “The lawsuit should have no effect on Apple.” “However,” he said, “it does raise the…


Scoble on RSS security

Scoble and others are starting to talk about the security ramifications of RSS in Longhorn: Developers should expect to discuss RSS security at Microsoft’s upcoming Professional Developers Conference, to be held in Los Angeles this September, said Robert Scoble, a Microsoft technical evangelist writing in a recent Web log posting. “This is something we all…


IESG and sender-ID

The IESG has released two competing experimental RFCs related to spam prevention: one for SPF, and one for the Microsoft lobbied Sender-ID: “While many proposals for domain-based authorisation have been under consideration, no consensus has yet been reached concerning a single technical approach,” the IESG said in a statement. “The IESG does not endorse either…


AMD performance finally trounces Intel

To the masses, the processor in the machine barely matters. Decisions are now made strictly on the marketing blitzes made by the likes of Dell, HP, Alienware, Acer, and other lesser-known competitors. People rarely say ‘I want a Pentium’ – they say I want a Dell. This is sad for AMD – because now they…


I’m telling Mommy… AMD files against Intel

Being a huge fan of AMD, I’ve always felt that Intel (like Microsoft) had an unfair advantage that it wielded with great power against competitors. I think AMD should have done this years ago, but now they are taking the battle to court. If they can afford the lawsuit, the case may be a slam…


win2k EOL

Well, Thursday is D-Day for Win2k’s transition to its “extended” support phase. While I noted this previously, I didn’t bother to do the research on what this means as far as a timeline for upgrading. This is what Microsoft has to say on their bulletin for Windows 2000′s transition to its “Extended phase” of support:…