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5 Reasons To Choose a Digital Agency Over a Unicorn

So here’s the scenario: you have a product you want to build, but like most people you are not one of those “coder” types. At a minimum, you need to hire a freelance web developer to bring your idea to life. Ideally, this developer also has the vision and technical know-how to help with product development, too….


Centresource Spring Mixer is March 27th!

Over the last six years, we have opened our doors to the finest in Nashville’s technology, marketing, entrepreneurial and business communities via the Centresource Mixer. We are excited to invite you to our Spring mixer on Thursday March 27th at 5pm. We hope you can join us to celebrate the amazing work and people in our…


The Importance of Being An Earnest Mentor

I would not be where I am today without mentors. I am lucky that I get to do what I love for work and I am lucky I get to do it at Centresource. I am not one of those uber-geeks you hear about. I wasn’t building an intranet at 11 or cracking government databases in…


NBJ Highlights Growing ROWE Trend

The Nashville Business Journal takes a look this week at the growing trend of ROWE policies, highlighting a few local firms that have taken advantage of it, including one firm that should sound familiar (hint: it rhymes with “enter force”). In the past, we have received no shortage of skeptical raised-eyebrows when we explain our…


The Not-So-Great Barcamp Schism

You’ve probably caught wind of it already. A snide remark here, a subtle eye-roll there. What started as vague muttering in the ether of the twitters has grown to a dull roar of complaints: Barcamp Nashville is not legit. Whether or not these complaints represent a growing sentiment or a vocal minority remains to be…