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Content Strategy: Let’s Ask the Question Why?

In my last post I spoke about the importance in viewing your website as a garden instead of a building with the benefit of saving valuable time and creating a thriving website full of useful and relevant content. The garden analogy can be absolutely pivotal in how we develop our website persona.  However, ultimately if…


Why Your Brand Needs a Tumblr Presence

I love Tumblr. It’s the perfect modern blogging platform: built for posts shorter than, well, this one, but for content that’s longer than a 140-character tweet. It’s got amazing social features, too. I follow an astonishing 350 Tumblr blogs personally, which provides me a nice constant feed of content. Tumblr’s great Dashboard provides me the…


Put The Internet To Work For You

Between emails, status updates, tweets, news articles and more, there is a lot of information coming at you all at once on the Internet. The trouble is actually finding a way to harness all of that information and make it work for you. For a few months now, I have been using an amazing tools…


When Robots Take Over My Job

I always knew one day robots would take over my job. And no offense to CS Maxximus, of course, but I’ve always wanted to believe that the creative arts have a long life ahead of them because they’re just that: creative (read: non-robotic.) But, alas, the beginning of the end may be here for me….


Chocolate Milk Copy

There I was, drinking my chocolate milk juicebox (normal activity for a grown woman, I know) when I looked down and saw this: As a copywriter and appreciator of punchy, bite-sized advertising text, I really thought this was an outstanding use of packaging advertising space. To my surprise (and delight), this small, little carton contained…


Short and Sweet: A Letter to Twitter

Dearest Twitter, This is an official thank you note. Not for the copious amount of mindless information available to me at all hours of the day. Not for the introduction of hashtags into my life and, consequently, daily conversation. No, not even for the endless platform with which to talk about social media ad nauseam….


Slogan’s Heroes and Tagline You’re It.

I love a good slogan. I also love a good tag line. But, if you ask most people, the distinctions between the two are blurry. And a lot of the time, the two are used interchangeably. While both are an integral part of a company’s identity and while they also share many similarities –attention-getting, memorable,…