MD5 collisions

Looks like these guys have created two documents with the same MD5 hash. (Don’t worry, the page has an intro if you have no idea what this means.)


mysql FULLTEXT search length

I discovered something interesting today. We couldn’t figure out why our internal documentation wiki (which uses mediawiki) seemed to search so poorly. i.e., if you searched for “ftp”, you got no results, even though there were tons of entries with “FTP” in them. I suspected it had to do with length limitations, and I was…


apple + IBM?

I, Cringely has an interesting take on the recent IBM/Apple news: And this time, what’s behind the announcement is so baffling and staggering that it isn’t surprising that nobody has yet figured it out until now. Apple and Intel are merging.


customer service

Via broadbandreports, a good example of how not to respond to a customer complaint. A customer e-mailed his DSL provider complaining about increasing spam to his e-mail account. The president of the company responded as follows: “I can stop all spam from getting to your mail box if you want. its called canceling the account….


Email Addiction – AOL Study

Google definitely knew what they were doing when they launched GMail. An article in NY1 News cites a recent AOL study that shows just how addicting email has become. The study shows Americans check their email nearly five times a day, and we spend on average about an hour a day just writing email, says…


debian update notification script

I realized I mentioned this script previously, but never got around to actually posting it. This is a handy shell script you can use on your Debian system (woody or sarge, or anything that uses apt, really) to check for security (or any other) updates as per whatever repositories you have in your /etc/apt/sources.list. I…


vim references

I have been evangelizing a lot to our developers about the merits of vim lately. Two good references I’ve found: VIM Cheat Sheet – in various formats, including a compact 2-page PDF. VIM Tutorial (PDF) – an excellent walkthrough of VIM from the basics to advanced usage. It’s hefty at 500+ pages, but even going…


T1 too little?

A good article over at Techrepublic focuses on the narrowing bandwidth crunch many businesses are feeling: As e-mail worms like the resilient Sober variants spread, they consume a lot of bandwidth and computing resources. However, it really doesn’t take much worm traffic to disable e-mail services for an entire company, especially if that organization is…


Nashville Traffic Accidents via Google Maps

While reading Jackson Miller’s Blog, I saw a interesting post about Nashville Accidents Google Maps – written by John Mora. I told everyone that Google Maps would be huge! When I first posted the article about HousingMaps.com – I could tell there were huge possibilities. I agree with John, someone needs to integrate with the…


ISP’s Protective Measures – A Discussion

Chris previously posted on a mock trial for ISP’s that weren’t doing enough to protect their users. Their argument is that its a slippery slope – which can be construed as ‘no argument’ at all. However the slippery slope (in this case, IMHO) is actually a good argument. That argument represents the true issue at…