eric schmidt on security

Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) on security: Schmidt: Transparency is not necessarily the only way you achieve security. For example, part of the encryption algorithms are not typically made available to the open source community, because you don’t want people discovering flaws in the encryption. BZZT. Wrong. Let’s hope he’s not in charge of Google’s…


VCs warm to LAMP and services | The Register

Over the past 1.5 years, CentreSource has become an expert LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) development shop in the Nashville arena. In a thumbs up to the direction we’ve chosen, Venture Capitalists are hungry for LAMP oriented firms that have ASP based products. According to Drew Clark, director of strategic insights for IBM’s venture capital…


Underlying computing shifts…

A friend of ours, Jackson Miller, sent this highly interesting article our way. It touches on the points of Push, Pull, and Push/Pull when it comes to computing shifts. Here is a small excerpt: No. 1, the Law of Pull. That which is CHEAPER pulleth more mightily than that which is easier to use. Ease…


debian sarge update

A brief update on the release of Debian 3.1 “Sarge”. Originally, Sarge was slated to release today, but: Well, just in case it wasn’t obvious to everyone from looking at the release-critical bug stats, we should probably come out and say it: the the count of release critical issues affecting sarge is still going down,…


Make money playing games… is this for real?

Over the past year, I’ve heard about people making money in Online games. Basically, they would utilize real world skills like trend spotting, design, and actual gameplay to amass things of value within online games. Now, I read an article that actually confirms what I’ve heard… people making as much as $100K per year playing…


InfoWorld: Global counterattack on zombie menace

The ever-evolving face of digital threats… BotNets are a growing risk for all those connected to the Internet. Botnets or zombie networks are groups of computers that have been infected by malware that allow the malware to control the infected PC and use it to send spam or launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks….


Developing nations losing spam battle, CNET says

I saw an article on CNET about third world countries and their growing spam problem. If you think your spam is bad, you should try living in some of those third world countries… where the ISP’s lack sophisticated Spam filtration products (like Swirbo) and also harbor spammers on the same networks as good customers. In…


CIA conducts Cyberterrorism tests

It makes me feel good that the government is actually concerned about this. As we deal with more and more customers that have their entire business & personal life stored on their computers – it’s become painfully obvious to me that there will soon be a new target for those who aim to cause damage….


Bio-Security: Promising… but risky

A news article in Wired Magazine (online) touches on Biometrics as it relates to international security. I’ve been particular fascinated with the shift in security since 9/11 – especially the surge in bio verification.


Motivations of a firm…

Chris posted an interesting news clip about Intel rolling out DRM (digital rights management) into their new chipset. Typically, I gloss over DRM since it doesn’t relate to CentreSource or Swirbo, but the news clip inspired the following thought: “What motivates a firm towards innovation & new features…” I think a majority of people would…