cost of insecurity

A recent study has put a number on the potential for lost stock value when a disclosure is announced for a company’s product:


stable sarge

It’s official: Debian 3.1 “sarge” is now stable. For those of you wondering (I was), the precedent for EOLing a previous version of Debian as far as maintaining security updates has been around 12 months, but it depends on the security team. So, this is the timeframe you’ve got to move servers from woody to…


Hacking is useless… Rob a UPS Truck!

In a bizarre twist, the physical world is actually more prone to data theft than the digital world! Citibank and UPS lost tapes storing 3.9 Million Customer’s data – including Social Security Numbers. This is on top Back of America losing tapes containing data on 1.2 million US Government employees – including some senators. In…


Spam law written by spammers

Looks like the UK’s anti-spam legislation was in fact drafted largely by spammers: An enquiry by ZDNet UK sister site silicon.com under the Freedom of Information Act has revealed that the UK government took advice on whether businesses want to receive spam from many of the very companies with a vested interest in sending unsolicited…


debian 3.1 “sarge”

It’s not official yet, but today is D-Day. The mirrors are starting to change over as “stable” points at “sarge”, and you can grab the ISO here. No torrent seed yet until the mirrors are updated. I am going through my machines and doing s/stable/woody/ like I should have been from the beginning so I…


PHP vs ASP.NET – The battle Rages on

Continuing with my support of PHP, I’ve gathered articles comparing PHP 4.x/5 to Microsoft’s ASP.NET. Its important to note that .NET is a framework & ASP is the web version of a .NET program, whereas PHP is an actual language. ASP.NET can actually be written in a variety of languages such as C#, VB.NET, etc….


yahoo drops auction fees

Yahoo has upped the ante in the online auction wars by ditching fees for auctions in the US: Yahoo has no plans to end the fees it charges users on its other auction sites, including the one for Japan, the company’s top auction site. The company also runs auction sites in Canada, Singapore, Taiwan and…


Defending PHP & MySQL (LAMP)

During a recent conversation with a potential client, the issue arose (again) about the viability of PHP/MySQL as the chosen solution for their web application. While I explained the merits of using the technology, it dawned on me how few business people actually realize that there is an alternative when it comes to Java &…


The ionCube: Free PHP Accelerator

In our quest to gather information comparing PHP/Perl to other web development languages, I came across a free PHP Accelerator called ionCube. Zend makes a commercial version that can be used for enterprise apps. The ionCube PHP Accelerator (PHPA) project claims: PHPA is free, and not only the top performing non-commercial solution of its kind,…