Go Behind the Scenes of your Company with Instagram

I recently purchased a book called “Instant Baseball” by Brad Mangin. Brad has been photographing for Major League Baseball and Sport Illustrated for over 20 years. It wasn’t until last season that he decided to start taking photos with his iPhone and post them to his Instagram account. What came next was a huge surprise….


Instagram Video App

Social media strikes again!  Our beloved Instagram is now better than ever with its new 15-second video feature.  Now a direct competitor with Vine, I’ve noticed some significant advantages to using Instagram video over Vine.  Take a look at these three new features: Pro tip time! • If you don’t want muffled sound in the…


Reality Show Success For Centresource Partner

Centresource congratulates LiveSchool Inc. on being selected as one of the top 25 startups in the U.S. by the Wall Street Journal! We had the privilege of partnering with LiveSchool this year and couldn’t be more excited for them. As you can imagine, the competition is fierce. To qualify, each startup had to have less…


Centresource Co-Sponsors 2013 Leadership Summit

Centresource was proud to co-sponsor the 2013 Leadership Summit on June 5. The event was hosted by Dick Wallace and The Alternative Board, and I had the honor of serving as the emcee. Business leaders from Middle Tennessee packed the Cool Springs Marriott conference room to hear six keynote speakers discuss effective leadership strategies in…


A Culture of Learning

I’m pretty new here at Centresource; I’m pretty new to development in general and Centresource took a chance by hiring a Junior Developer. I’m glad they did–I like it here. I like it for a number of reasons: the people are great, the space is comfortable, ROWE is sweet, and the work is challenging. More…


Avoid the Infinite Feedback Loop

“Make it pop.” “Add wow factor.” “I’ll know it when I see it.” That’s the type of feedback that makes designers cringe. It’s vague, overly simple, and provides very little direction for what to do next. Now, if you think I’m only accusing clients of delivering poor feedback you’d be wrong. Sometimes the worst offenders…


Evan Owens announced as finalist in the NELAs

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and YPNashville have announced the finalists for the 2013 Nashville Emerging Leader Awards. Centresource would like to extend a huge congratulations to CEO, Evan Owens, for being nominated and making it to the final round of the NELAs. The NELAs recognize Nashville’s young professionals for significant accomplishments in their…


Are We Still Dancing With The Dinosaur?

I’ve been working with non-profits since 2003. Coincidentally the same year Centresource opened its doors. For years, I have continued to learn the importance of analytics and I continue to teach non-profits the benefit of knowing how to measure things like: Who comes to their site? What do they want? What did they do?, or…


What is Reboot Recovery?

Recently, our CEO Evan Owens asked a few of the video production guys here at centresource to shoot a video for his non-profit, Reboot Recovery. I didn’t really know much about Reboot other than what Evan had told me about it. A small group of us packed up our gear and headed to a cabin…


Using ember-auth with Rails 3 and Authlogic

ember-auth is an authentication library for Ember.js that allows you to keep track of logged-in users. If you have a Rails 3 api backend powering your Ember front-end, you can use ember-auth with authlogic to authorize each request quite easily. If you would rather use devise with your Rails app, there is already a demo…