May 27, 2014 in Marketing

Last week, we hosted a Google Partners Connect simulcast event at the Centresource Lab. We really enjoyed the chance to gather with about a dozen of our clients and learn together from three Google experts about how businesses can succeed on the web.

The simulcast featured a ton of interesting stats and tool overviews that we thought were worth repeating here, both as a refresher for those that were here, and a chance for those that weren’t here to get the scoop on some of what they missed.

Here’s some interesting stats and facts Google provided, along with our comments:

  • 90% of consumers use online reviews when researching a business…but 55% of businesses aren’t present on any review sites.
    • The takeaway: Conversations about your company are taking place everyday, whether you’re present or not. Are you monitoring what’s being said about you online? Are you responding to those mentions, whether positive or negative?
  • Google: the number of +1’s, reviews and ratings on a G+ page are connected to your placement on a “local carousel” Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
    • The takeaway: Still not using Google+ for your business? The benefits of involvement on this network just keep building, as Google continues to integrate it throughout its product offerings. Both your SEO and social media campaigns could benefit from an active G+ business page.
  • SEO isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. It’s constantly evolving.
    • The takeaway: Google confirms what we’ve long known: SEO is constantly changing, and will continue to change into the future. How is a company supposed to keep up? Well, that’s when an agency like Centresource can jump in and help! We live and breathe this stuff all day… and most of the night, depending on how much coffee we’ve had!
  • 3 out of 4 smartphone users have contacted a business they found on their phone.
    • The takeaway: Considering how your site performs on smartphones is not only important for mobile SEO, but also for the user experience. Even if a shopper finds you online, you might still lose their business if your site or app underperforms on mobile devices.
  • 97% of consumers research products online before buying locally
    • The takeaway: Many consumers shop online, but buy in-person. What info is out there for users that are researching your product or service online?
  • 72% of consumers who searched for local info on a smartphone visited a store within 5 miles of their location.
    • The takeaway: Again, this drives home the importance of considering the mobile experience of your users. Are you missing out on sales because your site isn’t mobile friendly?
  • 27% of all time spent online is on social networks.
    • The takeaway: Your customer base is already using social media. Conversations are happening. Are you taking part?
  • Social isn’t one size fits all for businesses. Figure out which networks match your vibe and dive in.
    • The takeaway: Not every business needs to be on every social network. Be strategic!
  • The beauty of online marketing is that everything is measurable.
    • The takeaway: Sure, everything is measurable online – but the trick is to measure what actually matters. What metrics and  behaviors best capture how visitors are engaging with (and potentially buying from) your website? Where else can you spend your marketing dollars and observe/prove what the ROI is in real-time?


Looking for more marketing tips straight from Google’s mouth? Learn about the tools discussed during this webinar in our post on 7 Tools Google Provides to Boost Your Online Marketing.


Written by Shaun Jackson.

Shaun Jackson is a marketing strategist at Centresource.  You can find him on  and LinkedIn. Over the past five years, Shaun has helped over 100 clients make sense of their website analytics, attract more customers and boost their conversion rates.