March 24, 2015 in Marketing

Digital Marketing UniversityLast week, the fine folks from Silverpop came to our fair city and held Digital Marketing University. This was a free all-day workshop for marketers, focused on the current trends in the digital marketing space. My colleague, Shaun Jackson and I, were excited to spend the day with fellow marketers and hear more about the ever-changing landscape of online marketing.

Several times during the day I found myself knocking Shaun in the arm due to some of the staggering statistics. One common theme throughout the day was the ever evolving power the buyer has. Buyers are looking for personalized interactions with brands. Eighty percent of the buying process is done before you ever speak to your buyer. EIGHTY PERCENT! So the importance of a dynamic digital strategy is no longer a luxury- it’s a necessity to get through the noise and make an impression on your buyers.

Another statistic that resulted in a punch in the arm was that there are over 1,850 marketing technologies competing for your business. And this number is increasing daily. This didn’t come as much of a surprise because we often hear from clients that the process of selecting the right marketing technology vendor is what prevents them from selecting the right marketing technology vendor. It’s a crowded space — with very little differentiation between the services. Add the often high price tag on these products, and the decision making process is maddening.

We spent a lot of time talking about mobile’s growing role in digital marketing strategies. A few stats jumped out here as well:

  • 53% of mobile consumers want to purchase within an hour and 83% within a day
  • Apps command 86% of the average smartphone user’s mobile usage time
  • 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes

So let me pile on as another person that’s telling you to design your online presence with mobile first in mind.

Laurie Hood of Silverpop provided the five trends that are shaping marketing plans. They were quite helpful and provide a good framework to put your current strategies through!

  1. The customer journey is moving center stage: No matter what the customer is doing and where they are in the journey — digital marketing can enhance the experience at any stage.
  2. Mobile is entering a new 2.0 phase: It’s not just for the big budgets anymore.
  3. Right content to break through the clutter: 53% of consumers won’t open an email if they don’t find it relevant to them. It’s time to get dynamic with our content.
  4. Enhance the post-purchase phase of the customer journey: Marketers need to shift some focus on the 3rd leg of the customer experience and focus on loyalty and evangelism from your customers.
  5. Marketing departments must evolve to cross-channels: Too often, customer data is siloed, tools and products are fragmented and marketing personnel are divided. Marketing departments need to start evolving and and shifting from the THEN to the NOW.

What trends are your team watching and applying into your strategy?