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Rails and MacRabbit’s CSSEdit

Just a real quick tip for other Rails developers out there who enjoy the benefits of MacRabbit’s excellent software CSSEdit. Due to the fact that Rails applies a timestamp to every asset (stylesheet, javascript, and/or image) included in a view via the appropriate helper in order to allow the user to use the Expires header…


A Developer’s Arsenal: Jeremy Holland

So I’m reading all our designers’ “Trapper Keeper” posts, and I figure, “why should they get to have all the fun? Developers have stuff to say as well!” In that spirit, here is my attempt to start a similar series for the development department here at CentreSource. class DeveloperArsenal < Programmers::Toolset include CentreSource::JeremyHolland end 1….


Simulating the ENUM MySQL Column Type in Rails

Today I was speccing out a handful of models that had “enumerable” attributes – i.e. attributes that are stored as strings, but whose possible values are limited to being a single element of a finite set of predefined strings. Think something along the lines of, say, the attribute “color”: valid values for “color” might include…


Accessibility with HTML5 and ARIA

When designing markup for a website or a web app, it’s important to keep in mind that what others see is not necessarily what meets your own eye. Accessible design means that page elements are encoded with information about the structure and content of the document, so that screen readers and assistive devices can make…


You Should Be Testing Your Symfony Plugins

As with any Open Source project, Symfony is only as good as its community. The best Open Source frameworks are those most beloved by its user base. I am one of those who love Symfony, and in an effort to ensure my framework has the best plugins possible, I challenge all symfony developers to write…


Symfony 2 Conference Hub at the Castle

When the Symfony Live Online conference was first announced, Brandon came up with the great idea to get the entire Nashville Symfony/PHP community to watch it together at centresource. “It’ll be an amazing gathering of nerds the likes of which have never been seen!” he says. Well, Sensio decided to steal our thunder by suggesting…