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Product Spotlight: The Planning of Rivers of Rhythm

This post is the second of a series about the planning, design, and development of The National Museum of African American Music’s digital exhibit: Rivers of Rhythm. In this post, product strategist Tomiko Peirano discusses the concepting and planning of the application, as well as the user testing process. The first post in the series can be […]

Centresource In The Community, 2016

Centresource has long prided itself on being an active and invested member of Nashville. Whether we’re out on the town or welcoming the tech community into our house, we love any opportunity to see familiar faces and make new friends. Here are just some of the events and organizations you can find us at throughout […]

What’s the Difference Between UX and UI?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. UX stands for “user experience”, while UI stands for “user interface”. These two concepts might seem indistinguishable. They also might seem like fancy words that describe not a whole lot. The truth, however, is that they are independent practices serving very different — and important — […]

How To Make Sure Your New Business Doesn’t Fail

We’re living in a digital gold rush and everybody feels like a prospector. With fantasies of great fortune being born from a great idea, there is an overwhelming push to get something to market as quickly as possible… before somebody else beats you to it. This breakneck speed leads to poor business decisions, far too […]

How To Use Downtime at Work

Life at Centresource is nothing if not dynamic. We have to be spry enough to seamlessly jump from project to project, and resourceful enough to proactively fill our day when work slows down. The latter can be hard for some folks to do. Here are some thoughts on good ways to utilize downtime. Audit Your Tools […]

The Lean UX Canvas

We work with a lot of companies in varying states of maturity. Some prospective clients come in with workflows, user identities and fully vetted business models — they just need an objective, expert hand to finalize strategy and design. Some folks come in with nothing more than a fantastic idea and a basic blueprint of […]