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Go Behind the Scenes of your Company with Instagram

I recently purchased a book called “Instant Baseball” by Brad Mangin. Brad has been photographing for Major League Baseball and Sport Illustrated for over 20 years. It wasn’t until last season that he decided to start taking photos with his iPhone and post them to his Instagram account. What came next was a huge surprise….


What is Reboot Recovery?

Recently, our CEO Evan Owens asked a few of the video production guys here at centresource to shoot a video for his non-profit, Reboot Recovery. I didn’t really know much about Reboot other than what Evan had told me about it. A small group of us packed up our gear and headed to a cabin…


What the FONT?!?

Web designers have many challenges when it comes to designing a website. Some may include timelines, budgets, client changes, scope-creep, etc. But one of our biggest challenges are fonts. Fonts? Yes. Fonts. The web was created back in 1945 (not kidding: http://www.w3.org/History.html). It took almost 50 years for them to create the “W3 Organization”. The…


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for that Special Geek in your Life

Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you haven’t started shopping yet. If you’re trying to shop for your techy mate, it might be hard to find that special something they will love. Here is my Top 10 List of Christmas Gifts for that Special Geek in your Life: 10. Superheadz Clap…


Who Wore It Best? (Week 7)

Who Wore It Best? And the winner is….. The first ever tie! Six weeks ago, Chip Hayner and I wore the exact same outfit to the office. We thought it would be fun to have a “Who Wore It Best” contest and let the people of the interwebs vote using Survey Monkey. Since then, we’ve…



Broadcast live from the Design Suite at Centresource? Sure. Why not? You may see: Jousting Aaron Neville sing-offs Break dancing Nerf® Basketball shoot out


A Designer’s Trapper Keeper: Jeremy Mitchell

1. What’s in your trapper keeper these days? 1. Pinterest.com I find inspiration by looking at photography and product design. The colors and shapes speak to me. I used to look at other web gallery sites for inspiration. But I feel like everything starts looking the same. Looking at photography and product design is a nice…


My iPhone is my favorite Business Tool

I have an iPhone 4. Before that, I had an iPhone 3G. And before that I had a Samsung Katana flip phone through the Sprint Network. My Katana did two things: It made phone calls and it allowed me to play Pac Man. No internet. No texting. No emailing. No nothing. Four years later, my…


Sell your by-product (or someone else’s)

There’s a new company called “StickyGram“. They turn your Instagrams into fridge magnets. StickyGram will print your favorite images as awesome little magnets for you to play with. They took an existing idea (“Instagram“) and figured out a way to sell a “by-product” (refrigerator magnets). When I saw this, it reminded me of a chapter…


Going R.O.W.E. with Centresource (my first 30 days)

Today is my one month anniversary here at Centresource. Before I was hired here, I was a full-time freelancer for two years (I still do some freelance and run a mobile web company with my wife called Gallerytopia.) In my interview with Chip Hayner and Jason Jones, they told me about the “R.O.W.E. system”. What…