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A Designer’s Trapper Keeper: Jason B. Jones

1. What’s in your graphic design ‘Trapper Keeper’ these days? 1. iPad 2  2. Balsamiq  3. Bose QC3 Headphones  4. Browser Sketch Pad  5. Griffin Stylus  6. Dribbble  7. Nespresso Capsules 2. What are your inspirations? I would have to say that Sting is a hero of mine. I don’t listen to his music, but the fact that he’s…


I Invented Pinterest When I Was 11… Sorta.

I started using the website http://pinterest.com/ a few months ago and am, quite frankly, hooked. The site allows you to create pages of collected items that interest you by simply clicking a bookmark in your browser’s bookmark bar. Upon clicking you can indicate what the item is and what “board” you’d like to add it…


Centresource Profiled in UK’s .NET Magazine

I have a long history with .Net Magazine. I have been reading and writing for them for years.  I have been privileged to author/design articles for them on Website Makeovers, Design-Off’s, Tutorials, Featured Galleries, etc.  In fact, my companies have been short-listed for “Design Agency of the Year” for 2 years straight – Otterball in…


Rockable Gets Creatives Back to ‘Doing’

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of my time “doing”. Sometimes I know what I’m “doing”… however most of the time I am learning as I go with broad conceptual understanding, while at the same time pretending to be an expert.  The professional world where most of us live floats primarily…


Designers: Prevent Getting Hoff’ed By Developers

As a designer, I know at times it is real easy to get lazy about file management, organization and asset collection.  Early in on in my career I learned this the hard way by passive-agressive comments by developers that were forced to work with my PSD’s.  I always thought “what’s the big deal?”  Then I…


A Design Job Worth Having Is One Worth Hustling For

We just went through the process of interviewing for some UI Design positions to join our growing team. We were fortunate to have some really great applicants to choose from and are extremely happy with how things are turning out.  Now that we are on the other side, it allows me a moment to reflect….


An Open Letter to The Gospel Music Association

I was recently invited to judge the Recorded Music Packaging category for this year’s Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.  I have done this for a few years now and am truly honored to review such amazing designs.  I can’t go into specifics on which ones I voted for, but I will say, some of this…


An Amazing Time at the 2010 .NET Awards

As you might have read via our blog, our twitter feed, our website, our skywriting airplane, our fortune cookie inserts and various latte art advertisements, centresource was a finalist for “Design Agency of the Year” along with interactive rockstars.