Author: Chris Wage

Odd Things

May 14, 2006 / Culture

My personal webserver has been getting slammed with requests for “/robots.txt”, by what appears to …


May 3, 2006 / Culture

Blue Security, the geniuses that made news a while back advertising their intent to create …

Opera 9 Beta

April 25, 2006 / Culture

Looks like the Opera 9 Beta is out. Get it while it’s hot!

Mambo vs. Joomla

April 7, 2006 / Culture

As we use and deploy more CMS software, we have been increasingly wondering what the …

Google Mars

March 12, 2006 / Culture

On the day of Percival Lowell‘s birthday, Google has announced the launch of Google Mars …

The Battle Continues

March 11, 2006 / Culture

Well, yesterday’s foolproof method of defeating trackback spam is today’s old news. Seriously no less …