Monthly Archives: January 2017

What You Can Learn From The PatientFocus Tech Pivot

When Kyle Duke joined PatientFocus, the company was feeling the kind of pain every company wants to feel. It was growing. Fifteen years ago, the market wasn’t ready for PatientFocus. At that time, healthcare costs were primarily covered by insurance. Only 10 percent (or less) of a provider’s revenue came from individual patients. Of that […]

Business Software Tools You Need to Consider

It’s 2017. MOST businesses today use software in some way or another. We’ve talked about custom and off-the-shelf software before, but regardless of what your business model is, you probably need at least some off-the-shelf software to run it. Small businesses need to answer a new question: not “Should we incorporate tech into our practices?” […]

Holacracy Benefits Clients–Here’s How

Holacracy is yet another buzzword in technology. The idea is that the people best equipped to make decisions about work are the ones doing the work–not managers. Holacracy gives that power to the right people, within a pretty rigid structure of meetings and processes. There’s a lot of controversy around it, of course. When Zappos’ […]