Here’s to the Future of Centresource

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This morning we announced some exciting organizational changes to Centresource. Below, Senior Consultant Ann Howard shares her thoughts on the opportunity in front of us.

This is a milestone celebration for Centresource.

This company is more than a decade strong, and in this rapidly-changing industry, that’s saying something. We’ve evolved over that time in order to better serve our clients – not just delivering what they want, but also expanding their view of what’s possible.

What has made Centresource great is what we understand about the nuanced relationship between technology and business goals.  It’s not enough to have the tools and the goals; it’s really about understanding how the sum of all the parts will ultimately serve the end user.

Practicing Product Management has taught us the necessity of a clear, visible purpose as the driving focus for the work we do. We’ve learned to work lean, smart, and in rapid iterations. We’ve learned to work within constraints. We know that our work isn’t precious, it’s not done in a vacuum, and it is best when we take off the kid gloves and make it visible.

We’re applying all the foundational knowledge we’ve gained through working in self-managing product teams and taking the next natural step – becoming a fully employee-owned and employee-managed firm.

We will continue to build and launch innovative products.

We will continue to give our all to our clients and our work.

We will continue to invest in our Nashville community to help make this a place where technology thrives.

We will continue to do these things because it’s in our DNA.

It’s to that foundation that I would like to propose a toast:

Here’s to our founders and to all the leaders who have come through this house and offered their best. You haven’t gone anywhere, you’ve just left the building. It’s YOUR hard work that has created a great company to work in and for.

Here’s to our clients who are on the constant quest to find better ways to solve problems and who continue to choose us as their trusted ally.

Here’s to this. amazing. team. (this is the part where I tear up) Even with all the money and time in the world, it would be difficult to pull together a team with more smarts, wit, dedication and integrity. We are more than the sum of our parts…kind of like a great product.

Cheers to each of you. If this is what it looks like when a company grows up, then here’s to growing up.

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