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We at Centresource love open source software. We use open source projects every day from Ruby on Rails to jQuery, Linux to OpenSSL. In that spirit, we have a few open source projects of our own. These projects open up our process and experience to the community. They serve as a chance to contribute back.

We are happy to announce that our project, Playbook, has reached a 2.0 release.

Playbook is a tool to speed up prototyping and static site development. With a few simple prompts you can have your static site up and running in minutes. The generator for Playbook asks you a bit about yourself and a few simple configuration questions. From there, it installs our preferred tool chain, including Bourbon and Neat. You may also add options to support legacy browsers and add Google Analytics.

So many of our recent prototype engagements have utilized Playbook that it would be difficult to fit them all into one blog post. To give a sense of just how much of our own dog food we are eating, we used Playbook to create The Playbook project site, itself, was built using Playbook. And things get even better in the 2.0 release.

In Playbook 2.0 we move from the Grunt tool chain to Gulp for even speedier development. We have also upped our version of Jekyll and bumped the required Ruby version to >= 2.0.

On a personal note, one of my favorite aspects of the Playbook project is that we have former Centresource team members as core contributors. We continue to connect and collaborate even when we no longer work together. This aspect is one of my favorite parts of open source software: the sense of community around a project. I hope the Playbook project continues to grow and serves its users well. Happy Playbooking.

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