Monthly Archives: February 2015

5 Signs Your Startup Needs a Prototype

A prototype is a visual, tangible representation of an application that doesn’t require full-fledged development. Our clients have found these models incredibly useful in applying a lean methodology to their application build. So how do you know if you need a prototype? You are seeking outside investment.  Very few investors and customers understand code, but […]

3 Essentials That Make a City Great for Startups

In the late 1300s, the Medici family came into power in Italy. Whether due to temperament, environment, or chance, they became the family who godfathered the Italian renaissance, and helped spark the many revolutions in science, art, and politics which formed the world we live in today. Since then, many people and cities have aspired […]

What is semalt? What is buttons-for-website?

If you keep an eye on your Google Analytics referral sources, you’ve probably noticed a growing number of referrals from and  Aside from your referral sources in analytics, you’ve probably never heard of these sites, and you’re curious why you’re getting so much traffic from them. In short, these sites are employing a […]