Test yourself before you… test yourself?

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How many times have you launched a marketing initiative and then you move onto the next thing without looking back? Hours of hard work are forgotten, you check the done box and keep on trucking. This happens too often in the marketing world. The reality of it is all is that your work really has only begun on that project. Once something is launched, you then need to enter the testing, data collection and iteration phase of the project.

When a new digital marketing campaign is launched, you are at the point where you actually know the least about your clients and how they will respond to your message and tactic. Those first few days and weeks provide a great opportunity to learn about effectiveness and continue to improve upon the campaign to increase it’s impact.

That is why testing should be part of every marketing campaign. Here at Centresource, we are big fans of the tool Optimizely. It allows us to easily implement A/ B tests on elements of websites such as calls to action, forms, headlines, images and the list goes on and on. By splitting traffic to different versions of a website, we are constantly learning what is driving a better conversion rate online, thus creating websites that continue to improve.

Testing also plays a big role in our paid search work. It is necessary when managing paid search campaigns that you are testing multiple versions of your ad to maximize the opportunity, and learn more about what your prospects respond to.

However, you can’t just stop at testing. You have to let the data work for you. Pay attention to what it’s saying and put it to use. If you don’t see the desired outcomes immediately, iterate and improve. It’s a lot easier to improve upon something than start from scratch.

What role does testing play in your marketing campaigns? What wins have you seen as a result of a solid testing strategy?

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