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Testing Your Way To a Better Idea pt. 3

So if you’re still with me, we’ve talked about: Product Ideation User identification User acquisition User verification Conversion testing Surveying …whew! Now, we’ll go into actual prototyping. You finally get to think about your product again! Usability The best kind of study is face-to-face. Asking open ended interview questions allows the user to guide you […]

Testing Your Way To a Better Idea pt. 2

Last time we talked about the importance of a verified, evolving idea. We talked about how telling a story about your idea would engage users. Then, we talked about how to brainstorm our target users. Now, we need to take those ideas and thoughts and start applying actual data to them. Research Through Ads The […]

Testing Your Way To a Better Idea pt. 1

At the core of Centresource, we care about ideas. Ideas create products and services. They connect us to other people. They lead to changing things. When we talk about products, services, people, change, and ideas… we sometimes think about Steve Jobs. He had an uncanny knack for understanding what people would like (and thus what they’d […]

How A Simple Prototype Could Have Saved My Startup One Year and $60K

Centresource’s approach to product development includes a product planning and prototyping engagement. Bryan Clayton is the co-founder of GreenPal and our neighbor in the Missioner Building in Germantown. In this guest post, Bryan has written about prototyping and what it means to his business. About 2 years ago, three ambitious friends and I decided to […]