Four Tips to Giving Great End-Of-Year Client Gifts

Providing an end-of-year client gift to a few customers that stood out and showing them we value their commitment to excellence and energy is important. This gives our client relationships a boost and is an excellent personal touch and a great final “Thank You” for the year. Saying thank you can be incorporated at any point during the production cycle, but including it at the end of the year provides a special connection by demonstrating the importance of our shared business experience.


This last year we chose to give out some classic “CS Chalkboards,” the same boards you’ll see around our offices or at our homes. Many of us set goals each year. At Centresource, we proudly display our goals for all to see. This end-of-year client gift is a great way for keeping track of your goals and sharing them with your entire team. Each board tells a unique story of that person’s unique yearly goals. Don’t you wish you could have your own personal “CS Chalkboard?” It’s never too late to start a relationship with us today.

Here are four quick tips that we suggest you check out when considering an end-of-year gift for your clients.

Evaluate Your Message

Evaluate the message your gift is sending.  Are you wanting to motivate, celebrate the holidays, thank them for their business, let them know you’re thinking of them? Have fun, think outside the box.

Brand It

I don’t mean put your logo all over it but make sure it carries through the brand that you’ve set up for yourself through your website, social media, and reputation. Just as with choosing the type of products to offer, the client gift should carry through the branding.

Don’t Let it Get Lost in the Mail

You want the action to be noticed. For us, hand delivering is the way to go. Not only does this prevent it from getting lost in the mail but a personal visit will brighten anyones day.

Don’t be Gimmicky

Now is the time to be subtle. Let the thank you be genuine and market for you. Taking this time of year to promote your company and your products will get lost in the onslaught of advertisements being sent out this time of year.

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