9 Tips to Turn More of Your Site Visitors into Customers

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You’ve got the traffic coming to your site, but even with all those site visitors, you’re just not seeing the sales results that you expected.  It sounds like you have a conversion rate problem.  Conversion rate optimization can involve many different methods and tactics, but you need to get started somewhere.  Here’s our top nine tips to turn more of your site visitors into customers.

1. Testing is key
It’s vital as a website owner to know how successful your site is at getting conversions. Armed with that data, it’s then important to understand how changes to the site will impact the number of conversions, either positively or negatively. Each website and audience is different, so what seems to work well on another site, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work on yours. Non-stop testing of changes to the site are crucial to make sure you are maximizing your conversion rate.

2. Tiny tweaks can deliver huge results
Sometimes, something as simple as changing an image on a site, adding a video, or increasing font size can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rate.

3. Be respectful of your users
Too often, we hurt our conversions by asking for too much of the user too early in the relationship. The conversion rate on most web forms drops at a rate that is directly correlated to the number of fields on the form. The more you ask, the less form submissions you receive. What’s the bare minimum you need to get from the user at this point? That’s all you should be asking for from the user.

4. Your calls-to-action should be powerful

A call to action that leaves no doubt about what  to do.

It sounds downright dumb to say it, but it’s important to tell your website visitor what you want them to do. Be clear about it, and make it obvious. It should stand out and entice the action you want. The use of certain colors, fonts, images and action words in your call to action can make a big difference in your conversion rate.

5. Offer incentives
If you’re asking a visitor to like you on social media, or sign up for an email newsletter, offer an incentive like a discount, a coupon or a freebie. In some cases, figuring out the incentive can take some real creativity, but the boost in your conversion rate will make it worth it.

6. People sell!
Time and again, it’s been found that using images, particularly images of people, increases conversion rates. Consider how you can incorporate the use of effective images on your site. Using images of people lends the added bonus of being able to show emotion.

7. Streamline the user experience
Create a simple path to conversion for the user. Don’t muddy the waters with additional calls-to-action that aren’t as important, or extraneous information. This is especially important once the user has started the check-out process on your site. Presenting a customer with a bunch of up-sells, cross-sells and other distractions while in the check-out process is akin to a WalMart employee approaching you while you stand at the cash register with your goods and credit card in-hand and saying “Hey, leave that stuff here and come with me back to our automotive department. You should see these great new car air fresheners we just got in.” It’s not smart business. It wouldn’t happen in brick and mortar, and it shouldn’t be happening online.

8. Embrace the power of video
The use of video on a webpage not only boosts conversions but also has a significant impact on user engagement. Tests show that viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video.

9. Provide social proof
Nobody wants to feel left out. Social proof provides a boost in credibility and helps relieve any fears the user might be feeling. Showing testimonials from customers, logos of your clients, or numbers of social media followers and email subscribers can all boost conversions on your site.


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