Happy New Year

2014Happy new year to all of our clients, friends and partners! We couldn’t be more excited about what this year has to offer. I believe it is important to pause each year and take stock of all you accomplished. A year is just long enough that if you don’t keep notes, you’ll forget what you set out to do and have little feeling of accomplishment or failure.

In 2013 we wanted to live up to five key statements including:

  • Once a client, always a client
  • People over process
  • Build bigger fires that create smoke
  • Compete against the best
  • Score touchdowns, don’t settle for field goals

With these goals came a short speech with each. Well let’s see how we did.

Once a client, always a client
In 2013 we scored an 88% on client satisfaction. That means 9/10 customers have remained long-term customers. We are very proud. Our industry average is much lower as many customers will attest to prior to making the move to work with Centresource.

People over process
Part of the way through last year, we restructured our teams into three buckets: User Experience, Production and Go-To Market. This led to an increased ratio of team members to management staff and would only have been possible if each team member increased their personal responsibility. Our team exceeded expectations and new leaders emerged.

Build bigger fires that create smoke
One of our goals was to build such amazing products that we didn’t have to market ourselves as much directly. We reduced our marketing spend in 2013 and won several awards for our work. We also launched several products on a national level and lined up several more that will be launching early this year.

Compete against the best
We are thrilled to call Nashville home and it isn’t a secret that our city doesn’t get the respect it deserves when it comes to creativity and technology. Typically the major markets and coasts win the big deals. We hoped in 2013 to start setting the stage for national competition. We are thrilled to say that we doubled our number of national accounts and have customers spread out across the US. We hope to continue this trend this year.

Score Touchdowns, not field goals
A struggle we had in the past was finishing a project as strong as we started. We would get to the final 20 yards and end up watching our client satisfaction score drop from a 9 to a 6 or 7. We knew in order to accomplish the goals above, we had to fix this issue. Under the leadership of our COO and CIO, we worked hard to improve the final stages and actually raise scores during the last three weeks. This was true and a major factor in our record setting client retention numbers.

So there you have it! We are so proud of our team and thank you if you helped contribute to hitting these goals this year. Here’s to a great 2014!

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