Reality Show Success For Centresource Partner

on June 20, 2013

Centresource WSJ Livecongratulates LiveSchool Inc. on being selected as one of the top 25 startups in the U.S. by the Wall Street Journal!

We had the privilege of partnering with LiveSchool this year and couldn’t be more excited for them.

As you can imagine, the competition is fierce. To qualify, each startup had to have less than $10 million in revenue, have a proof of concept and/or prototype in place, and be headquarted in the continental U.S.A. Most importantly, they had to be groundbreaking.

As a Chosen One, LiveSchool will be competing in a new documentary series slated to air on WSJ Live on June 25 called “Startup of the Year.” The show will focus on the story of each innovative company’s rise from startup to success.

To spice it up, the startups will be matched with an eclectic mix of business savvy entrepreneurs, entertainers, and executives set to include Sir Richard Branson, Carly Florina,, and MC Hammer.

Together with voter support, the Wall Street Journal will work with these mentors to narrow down the competition over the course of five months before choosing the “Startup of the Year” in what is sure to be a nail-biting finale.

There can only be one, so tune in and support our friends at LiveSchool as they go for the gold and glory!