What is Reboot Recovery?

on June 7, 2013

Recently, our CEO Evan Owens asked a few of the video production guys here at centresource to shoot a video for his non-profit, Reboot Recovery. I didn’t really know much about Reboot other than what Evan had told me about it. A small group of us packed up our gear and headed to a cabin outside of Clarksville to film the event. After hearing the first person’s story, I had a grasp of what Reboot was really about. Every story I heard, I gained a bigger appreciation for what the men and women in our Armed Forces do day in and day out to preserve our country’s freedom. Take a look at the video we produced.

Credits: Jeremy Mitchell: Camera, Editor. Ben James: Color, Editor. Paul Williams: DP, Camera. Jon Arnold: Sound. Jenny Owens: Interviewer