Centresource Hits It Off With the Nashville Software School

on May 22, 2013

NashvilleSoftwareSchoolNashville Software School (NSS) is a place where a person with aptitude, motivation, passion, and commitment can learn the craft of software development.” Do you have a passion for technology and want to start a career in software development? NSS may be the right place for you!

For six months, students from all backgrounds come together to broaden their knowledge on software development. The class submerges students into learning HTML markup and programming languages such as JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

The program starts by training the students on front-end development and concludes with web application development. The students pay a tuition of $1000 up-front for the three month front-end development course. If students show aptitude, they may be invited to continue for another three months learning back-end web application development. In this latter half of the program, students are offered a need-based stipend to help offset the cost of continuing their studies. The school works closely with local tech companies to pair students with those that are hiring, which is where Centresource found one of its own, Adam Scott.

After graduation, Adam was hired as a developer for Centresource. “In a move that illustrates how NSS has been embraced by local tech companies, Centresource lent Scott back to NSS to teach for several hours a week during this session.”

We think it’s great what the NSS is doing and we’re excited to see those with a passion for technology grow.