Nick Holland – Recently Featured In Two Articles

on March 13, 2013

Founder of Centresource, Nicholas Holland has recently popped up in a couple different articles making the rounds.

A few weeks ago, Nick was featured as a guest blogger in VentureBeat, a news site covering tech trends for forward-thinking executives. His article, “Why Hiring Unicorns Will Kill Your Startup Faster Than ‘B Players’” suggests entrepreneurs not overlook ‘B players’, but rather hire them and mold them into ‘A players’. His post was a rebuttal to “Why Hiring B Employees Will Kill Your Startup”.

“It’s a mistake and a cliche for entrepreneurs to only seek ‘A players’ and it can end up hurting their business if they do not take some personal responsibility when things don’t work out.” He recommends that entrepreneurs, “always seek the best employees you can get, but be mindful that you have limitations to balance as well.”

Following this article, Nick also participated in Southern Alpha’s Spark Nashville event,where he shared his dumbest decisions as an entrepreneur.

Here, Nick centers his story around his days at Centresource. He talks about the time he wanted to do something creative, while making money, so he had his developers re-do any Nashville website they wanted. What he hoped would rake in some money,ended up backfiring. Read about it at