Social Media Monitoring Tools

on February 18, 2013

Social MediaThese days, virtually every business and organization has a social media account, and sometimes multiple accounts. Social media has taken over the marketing world and it’s a great way to get your brand noticed and keep your target audience updated.

Social media works very well to attract attention to your brand, but it is very important to have a tool that tracks and monitors all interactions so that you are updated on any issues and feedback. There are many free and inexpensive social monitoring tools available. There are tools that monitor social campaigns, upcoming events, comments and forums, and Twitter and Facebook.

Some of the various, free social monitoring tools include: Hootsuite, Google Alerts, Wildfire, and SocialMention. Choosing the best tool depends on your business needs and goals. You will want to choose the tool that most accurately fits your business strategy, and the way you would like to interact with clients and prospects.

According to a survey done by KISSmetrics, 48.8% of people would be very disappointed if they could no longer use Twitter; 44.2% said they would be somewhat disappointed. Overall, if people were not able to use social media, Twitter more specifically, they would be fairly upset. Since people will be using social media to interact and discuss brands they like, and those they don’t, then it just makes good sense for businesses to ensure they have a monitoring tool to track social media engagement.