Stand In the Place Where You Work

on January 30, 2013

Sometime in 2012, I made the decision to invest in a standing desk. After seeing terrifying headlines like “He Who Sits the Most Dies the Soonest”, I wanted to make a better health choice for myself.

I’m also on my feet a lot anyway—I spend a lot of time consulting with others in the building, speaking in meetings, or brainstorming in front of a whiteboard. Having a standing desk meant a simpler transition from my desk to other areas in the office; it meant less time spent “context switching”. It seemed like a great move.

Custom-built standing desks, while beautiful, can be outrageously expensive when compared to the DIY route.

I found this handy article which detailed a simple, cheap way to modify an existing desk (which is what I had) into a standing option. $22 dollars cheap, no less. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to modify my desk – the bolt-on Frankenstein desk looks too strange to me. I wanted something that matched our office decor and allowed me to stand at work.

Standing Desk Best Practices

The perfect chart to measure the components you’ll need for your desk.

I started digging through [Ikea Hackers] and found several good options. Ultimately I settled on this example, which, of course, was discontinued. I took to Ikea’s site and pieced together my own configuration:

Here’s the component list:

I also bought myself a simple anti-fatigue mat, which lives discreetly under an area rug in our office. It makes the seasoned wood floors in our office a bit more manageable for long hours.

All in, a standing desk that cost less than $200 and comes in multiple color and finish options. The Vika Byske legs are incredible, in that they can be adjusted to fit a user up to about 6’6″ in height. Pretty robust.

The result? I hear “Wow, you’re tall!” a lot in the office (I’m 6’2″). Standing all day has made my posture better, my focus improved, and while it was a bit tiring at first, I’m definitely noticing some improved health benefits. It takes some getting used to, but now I may never sit again. Here’s the final product in action:

Standing Desk in Detail

Standing Desk Wide

I get my fair share of jokes around the office, and while I typically can’t stand them… I couldn’t help myself.