Barcamp Nashville Recap: Welcome to CampBar!

on October 20, 2011

Thanks to all the happy campers who came out, said hello and hung out with us on Saturday for BarCamp Nashville! We had so much fun seeing everyone, making you s’mores, and generally goofing around in the “great outdoors”. Those of you who weren’t there missed out on some great fun: not only were we making s’mores in our campsite all day, but we gave away some awesome prizes, too! We handed out three AppleTVs and had some awesome custom Centresource water bottles on hand for all our campers to stay hydrated.

Throughout the day we had hundreds of folks stop by our campsite and pose. We gave out two Apple TV’s to some lucky people, and made some great connections with some of Nashville’s best and brightest in the tech community. Here’s just a few of our favorite shots:

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Late in the day, Twitter totally crashed on us, leaving us without a solid mechanism to use for handing out the last AppleTV. Inspiration struck when Evan Owens noticed two large, unopened bags of marshmallows stowed away in our supplies: A CHUBBY BUNNY CONTEST. For those not in the know, Chubby Bunny is a timeless summer camp game which goes something like this: Player 1 puts a marshmallow in his mouth and says “Chubby Bunny” without eating or swallowing the marshmallow. Player 2 does the same. Then Player 1 adds another marshmallow and the game repeats until someone spits their marshmallows out (or chokes on them, whichever comes first).

Here’s our video of the competition in action:

*Warning: this video contains a disturbing amount of marshmallows in the mouths of nerds. View at your own discretion.*

We had some fierce competition, as our table was swarmed by marshmallow-devouring hopefuls. The game lasted far longer than any of us anticipated, and came down to a dramatic man-on-man battle for the prize. Erik Decker took some amazing photos of our impromptu Chubby Bunny contest, but our favorite is definitely of the winner, Phil Wilson. Somehow he managed to fit twenty-six marshmallows in his mouth and claimed the third Apple TV of the day (Phil, our lawyers thank you for not choking on the marshmallows. Great job, buddy!).

Congratulations to our senior developer Daniel Nelson on an incredible talk at BarCamp on his research into Angular.js and Rails (or Immersive Web Apps, as he’s been calling it). Daniel made an informative screencast on the topic which you should definitely check out. (Part 1 and Part 2)

Thanks again to everyone who came out and made this our best BarCamp experience ever. Also thanks to the BarCamp crew and volunteers who poured themselves into that event! We appreciate it! We’ll leave you with a few more great notes we got from the event… enjoy!