The Pantone, Inc Mafia

on October 4, 2011

The other day I received a compliment on a mustard yellow dress that I had on and that certain compliment got me thinking about colors. (Stay with me fellas, developers and interactive minds!)  I started to reminisce about the ‘good ole days’ of the 90’s where just about everyone you knew adorned some sort of hunter green piece of clothing and if you didn’t have hunter green on, you just weren’t with it.

If you look at any web gallery online these days, the most popular colors are most likely mustard yellow and gray.  Look at this google search for example:


This got me thinking about who is responsible for these bursts of popular colors where a whole society will embrace that color scheme and roll with it. It all began in 1963 and it was quite a year for color enthusiasts.  The International Colour Authority was formed by a panel of international color specialists that would gather twice a year in London and select the upcoming color palette for the design world.  Their color selections would be published 22 months ahead to ensure the earliest color trend prediction known to any artist or designer.  Around the same time in the 1960’s, Pantone Inc. was developed and created a a standardized color reproduction system that revolutionized the color trend world.

The ICA believes that color selection is vital to the success of an organization and is a pre-eminent factor in establishing whether a product will or will not sell.  The colors used within your organization has the power to influence whether we feel happy or sad, warm or cold and even stylish or conservative.

Here is a brief video on the effects of pantone colors within our society:

It’s no coincidence that mustard yellow is the hottest color for design this year.










When thinking about rebranding your site or business, try researching the most current pantone colors or the projected colors for the upcoming year.  The Pantone ‘mafia’ can persuade our minds into gravitating to or from a business just by the use of color!