My iPhone is my favorite Business Tool

on June 22, 2011

I have an iPhone 4. Before that, I had an iPhone 3G. And before that I had a Samsung Katana flip phone through the Sprint Network. My Katana did two things: It made phone calls and it allowed me to play Pac Man. No internet. No texting. No emailing. No nothing.

Four years later, my iPhone is my favorite and most important business tool. It’s with me everywhere I go. I keep my most used apps and web apps on the home page of my iPhone.

Below I explain my favorite apps and why they are an important part of my every day business life.

Analytics App – I’m a Google Analytics junkie. I run several websites including,,,, and I’m always curious to know who has been to my sites, where they are from and how they got there. This is app is perfect. It gives me all of the information I need / want to know.

Basecamp – I love Basecamp and the 37signals (creators of Basecamp). This is actually a book mark to Basecamp’s iPhone optimzied web app. From the interface I can easily keep track of my freelance projects.

Calculator – I used to be a server at Chilis, so I’m pretty awesome at math (and carrying three drinks in one hand without spilling them). But when it comes to heavy math…I’m no good. The Calculator App comes standard with the iPhone. I use it to add up hours, money, pixel dimensions etc.

Calendar – I am constantly in and out of meetings. Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting or a phone meeting, I have it all in my calendar. Otherwise, I will totally forget. I live by my calendar. I have a Mobile Me account that I share with my wife. Both of our iCal Calendars are synced. So we never run the risk of double-booking ourselves with freelance clients, family or friends.

Evernote – This is by far my most important app. It stores my and my clients most important information such as usernames, passwords, ideas, voice notes, goals, and more. It syncs with my desktop app that I have on both of my computers. Plus the data is stored on my account at This app is must have for anyone and everyone. And the best part…it’s free. You can upgrade to a pro account. But the free version has enough space for a lifetime.

Facebook – I run two fan pages: 1. Gallerytopia and 2. Jeremy Mitchell Films. I use Facebook strictly as a business tool. I use it to find potential clients and for potential clients to find me. I have a personal page, but I don’t really do much with it. (Sorry, mom.)

Firefox Home – I am constantly bookmarking websites. Websites that inspire me. Websites that I think are cool. I have an insane amount of bookmarks on my Firefox browser. This app syncs my Firefox bookmarks to my iPhone. I’m all the time referencing websites that I’ve bookmarked. I don’t always have my computer with me. With the Firefox Home app, I can have my bookmarks with me at all times.

Foursquare – I’ve had a Foursquare account a while now. I just started using it. So, I’m a little late to the game. At first, I thought Foursquare was cool. Then I went through a long phase of hating it. Now, I think it’s cool again. I use it when I’m somewhere cool or unique. I don’t check in every morning when I’m at Starbucks or everytime I walk in the front door of Centresource. I use it sparingly. I usually Tweet my location when I check in.

Not only is this a great eReader, it’s perfect or viewing and saving PDFs that have either been emailed to me or downloaded from the web.

Great resource for keeping up with your Linkedin network.

This one is kind of obviously, but seriously, I wouldn’t know I would do without the option to check and send email from my iPhone from anywhere.

I’m terrible at directions. You would think being from Nashville, I could navigate better throughout the city. I use the Map app to get me to random coffee shops or restaurants for client meetings.

I send and receive text messages quite often from clients. Sometimes is way better and faster than a phone call or email.

MLB At Bat
This app isn’t necessarily business related, but it’s nice to catch part of a Cubs game during a work day. This app allows me to either watch or listen to the radio broadcast of the game. It’s a must for all baseball fanatics like myself.

I use this app to jot down ideas or thoughts. It syncs up with my Mobile Me account along with my iPad.

I have to have music while I work. I recently upgraded to the paid version. If I heard one more Farmers Insurance ad I was going to loose my mind.

This app allows me to keep track of my sales. It also, notifies me when I make a sale.

Sometimes I forget about this app.

I use this app more than I use the actual Twitter website. Why and how I use Twitter is whole other blog post…

US Bank
What’s business without money? This is actually a bookmark of the U.S. Bank iPhone optimized website. It’s great. I think it’s easier to use than the actutal website.

I would love to hear about your favorite apps. Comment below.