W³ Xs 2!

on October 21, 2010

w3award_silverFor those of you scratching your head at the equation above, allow me to decode:  centresource won a W³ award for the second year in a row!

But this isn’t about math, it’s about winning! Ok, it’s not about winning it’s about doing outstanding work for our clients.

And this year, out of the 3,000 entries received by the W³ Awards, our work for BountyBev was selected for a silver award!

We respect the high standards of excellence set by the W³ awards and as such we are thrilled at the recognition of this award and excited to stand alongside the other amazing agencies and projects who were awarded.

For more information about the award-winning project, check out the Smashing Magazine article, Design for Delight, featuring our very own Jason O’Brien (the designer and developer behind this masterpiece!)

Now to get the trophy out of Jason’s death-grip and onto our mantel…