The Bounty Bev Logo Design Process

When we were approached by Bounty Bev to design their logo and initial web presence, I was beyond excited. Distributor of Fort Collins Brewery and Caldera Brewing Company, Bounty Bev is small, willing to take chances, passionate about what they do, and ready to receive creative and branding direction. My favorite type of client to work with.

Having just wrapped up the logo design, I thought it would be fun to share with you an overview of the process.


The client had previously received a logo from one of those cheap logo design sites that churn out subpar concepts for around $50. You get what you pay for, and he was given a ridiculous visual representation of his company that had no flexibility at smaller sizes or one-color applications.


After showing us this wonderful example of mediocrity (this is me being nice), Bounty Bev came to the table with a request for a super quick turnaround: they needed a great logo design in about a week, and they had no initial direction with any of their branding. With such a tall order, where does one start? Over beers at a local pub, of course.

The client’s ultimate request was that the logo and branding be fresh, bold, and flexible. I left the meeting with some general notes and a few napkins worth of quick sketches which, if they didn’t get lost somewhere along the way, I would gladly share with you.


Even if I sketch with a client, I like to take a few days to sketch on my own time and let ideas grow slowly. A great logo should be an identifiable mark that people can associate with a company and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


I was drawn (har har) to a circular shape from the beginning, abstractly representing a barrel or bottle cap. We had also thrown around the idea of creating a physical stamp from the logo, and these shapes would work great.

The client had expressed interest in using a line drawing of a ship in their logo, but after working with this concept, I felt using a real object in the logo could restrict the brand and that it would be better to work towards something more iconic and flexible.


With an intended direction, it was time to open Illustrator and create some concepts. During this step, I’m usually fleshing out sketched ideas, but I leave myself open to completely new possibilities.


The client had made it clear that their primary focus was American craft beer and that somehow needed to be communicated in their branding. Their current tagline was “we deliver the reward,” which is the kind of cheesy marketing speak you could expect in a television infomercial. This led to our new suggested tagline “American Craft, American Passion.” Short, sweet, strong. While trying to bring out American qualities in the logo, I was inspired by the sort of retro shapes and type treatments when it became clear that there’s no modern visual style considered strictly “American,” sans red, white, and blue stars and stripes.

A selection of these concepts were collected in a PDF and shared with the client, along with some visual explorations of the new tagline. Our recommendation was on the circular emblem because of it’s flexibility with color and presentation.



The client loved the suggested concept and gave us the go-ahead to fully explore it and come up with the final version. Because the Bounty Bev box truck is blue, we created a white version of the logo that can work on dark surfaces.

The client has expressed their excitement about their new branding direction, with kind words such as “I love the simplicity and versatility… I love it!”

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  • Nick

    Great insight. Thanks for sharing.

    Favorite line:

  • Nick

    …During this step, I’m usually fleshing out sketched ideas, but I leave myself open to completely new possibilities…

    That place between brainstorming and decision-making is so important. Great stuff, guys. Love the finished product.

  • Darrin Dickey

    Wow, Jason. Beautiful designs! I can see why they love it. So simple, yet elegant.

  • litmusonline

    This is really a nice ,simple and clean logo design.
    Thanks for sharing your all concepts and process steps by step.

  • Logo Design Monster

    I especially like the choice of typefaces used within the concepts. Can I ask what typefaces were used within the logo? They work really well together especially the way you have given a nice amount of size contrast between the different words. Thanks for sharing, Great work.

  • Jason O'Brien

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    The type used was League Gothic (that’s right, the same one you can use via @font-face!) and Adobe Caslon Italic. Obviously both were manually kerned, and some very slight alterations to some of the tips of the letters on BOUNTY.

  • Craig

    Thanks for going through the design process for the Bounty Bev logo, Thanks!

  • Craig

    Thanks for going through the design process for the Bounty Bev logo, Thanks!

  • Mike Barretta

    looks a bit like Pillsbury, no?

  • Design Share Blog

    I love this logo,Great insight.

  • Design Share Blog

    Very inspiring process. Thanks

  • Kadin

    Very inspiring process. Thanks