Seagate’s Portable WiFi / Bluetooth HD Solution: DAVE

on February 2, 2007

A few days ago, Seagate released a statement about some new technology that they have dubbed “DAVE” (Digital Audio Video Experience).

From the release:

Using Bluetooth or WiFi connections, DAVE is the answer to providing substantial storage capacity without impacting the design or cost of mobile handsets. Built for portability and about the size of a centimeter-thick credit card, the DAVE mobile platform slips conveniently into a shirt pocket, backpack, or purse – anywhere up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) from the phone. In addition, the mobile storage platform is open source, enabling third party software developers to create new applications for the mobile phone utilizing the hard drive’s unmatched capacity and performance. The DAVE technology is offered to telcos and mobile handset OEMs for sale under their respective brand names.

While this will obviously be an awesome extension for mobile phones and PDA’s, I was starting to think about other implications that could come along with a technology like this. Since the system is WiFi / Bluetooth, I could potentially carry this system around with me in my pocket — never having to take it out — and using any system that I sit down at (Mac, PC, etc), I would be able to access 20 GB of my information — documents, audio, video, etc. Also, a DAVE drive partnered up with software like MojoPac would allow you to have an entire working environment — all running from the safe confines of your pocket.

Flip it back around to where we started — talking about mobile devices. Portable devices no longer need to be focused on holding everything, but rather they can focus on becoming the best apps to use your media — streaming from the web or streaming from your DAVE.

Read Seagate’s Full Press Release.