on August 30, 2006

Early this year, we posted the story of a spammer that left a comment spam on our site — circumventing the spam protection (Wordverify) manually.

This week, their director of marketing contacted me asking to try to clear up the situation and convey their side of the story. I told him I wouldn’t amend the original post (barring for any inaccuracy), but that he was welcome to e-mail me an explanation. In the interest of fairness, here it is:

When you originally called ACS you spoke with an employee, V. Patel. Of
course we prefer that our employees would transfer all phone calls of
these matters to a principal, but that is in the past and what’s done is

ACS is a company that strives to go above and beyond industry ethics. We
have never endorsed spam of any kind and we never will.

Our side of the story….

In this particular case one of our employees was assigned with the task
of link building for a client. The client had recently come to us and
brought with them a checkered past, which included lots of email and
comment spam. I’m assuming that because of this our employee thought it
would be acceptable for him to continue with these practices. It wasn’t.
There was really no excuse for him to do this, he knew our ethics and