on May 3, 2006

Blue Security, the geniuses that made news a while back advertising their intent to create a network to DoS spammers, are back in the news again.

The reason is hardly surprising. Blue Security themselves were the result of a massive DoS attack. How did they respond? According to this NANOG post, by switching their DNS to their Typepad-hosted blog. So, rather than deal with the consequences of their abuse of the Internet, they made it someone else’s problem — namely Six Apart‘s: you may have noticed that both Typepad and Livejournal were down yesterday as a result of the DoS.

This will be a painful lesson for Blue Security — if they emerge from this intact at all, which they don’t deserve to. When Blue Security first made the news, I had a lot of people asking me why Swirbo didn’t do “something similar” to “take action” against spam. Here you have a clearer answer than I could ever provide. Vigilantism is never a constructive approach to a problem. Denial of Service attacks are abuse of the Internet, period. You’ll make a target of yourself, and you will inconvenience other people, rather than your target.

More reading can be found here. Thanks to Brittney for the link.