Disappointed in Zend

on March 1, 2006

When Andi Gutmans was interviewed by Marcus Whitney on the phpArchitect Pro::PHP Podcast, he stated that there would be some sort of preview release for the Zend Framework sometime in February. It is now March and there was no release that I can find. This is a big disappointment for me.

PHP5 is an excellent language for developing web application, but it is in desperate need of some sort of standard or guidelines for ‘enterprise’ application. The Zend Framework is anticipated to fill this void. In some ways this anticipation worsens the situation. Developers are left worried that starting a big new project without the Zend Framework could be a bad idea, especially since the Zend Framework is hoped to be right around the corner.

This dilemma of whether or not to wait is a familiar one for the PHP community; the same thing happened with the release of PHP5. There were PHP5 books for sale in bookstores prior to PHP5 actually being released. I remember one of these books even included documentation for namespaces in PHP5. This was only possible because PHP5 was released a year late.

I imagine I am not the only one who is dismayed by this broken promise from Zend. Hopefully they will release a statement not only letting the community know when we can expect the preview release, but also how and why the deadline was missed and what steps are being taken to prevent it from happening again.