Spyware: Why do they do it?

on May 4, 2005

As an IT services firm, our clients frequently ask us to handle the removal of spyware from their machines. Inevitably, we get the question… “Why do people do this?”

Our natural answer was always, “To make money…” Not very informative if you think about it. When the extra-curious clients ask “Why”, we would give a best guess answer revolving around:
“They want to know what you like so they can feed you ads & promotions… hoping you’ll buy something or that your habits can be sold to other companies”

Now we have a much better analysis of the entire ‘money train’. In November of 2004, a particular inquisitive tech explorer traced the money train for some spyware applications… it produces a fascinating journey that has twists, turns, and surprises – just like a Hollywood movie (except only interesting to extra curious people, or tech heads).

Check it out (long read, so you better really want to know the answer to ‘Why spyware’):
Follow the Money; or, why does my computer keep getting infested with spyware?