Brainstorming… where to store your ideas

on May 4, 2005

I recently read an interesting post on Jackson Miller’s blog about where to store thoughts while researching. I echo his sentiments in that I’ve had very little luck finding anything that really assists with creativity and brainstorming. Originally, I used a program called ‘The Brain‘ by a company called Natrificial. It was awesome eye candy and I couldn’t wait to show everyone the awesome brains I created… but it wasn’t practical. It was slow, hard to hot-key an idea, and even confusing with the way it forgot (official terms) thoughts.

In the course of a project, I came upon a good package called MindManager X5Pro. It was really great for mapping out thoughts, project paths, and even comes with nice/professional graphics. The graphics point is not important, but it really makes it more enjoyable when looking back over your ideas. My only problem with MindManager is that its more of a project planner than a brainstorm facilitator.