PCWorld.com – First Look: Symantec’s So-So Spyware Protection

on April 26, 2005

PCWorld posts their first look at Symantec’s new anti-spyware features and is not impressed:

Like previous versions of Norton Internet Security, 2005 is meant to be an all-inclusive security package for Windows 2000 and XP computers that includes necessities such as a firewall and antivirus protection in addition to its brand-new spyware detection app. As a result it’s a big program, and a big download. The 33MB download installs approximately 314MB of files, 11 services, 3 startup items, 2 toolbars, and 2 BHOs (Browser Helper Objects), all of which results in 8 additional processes running in memory on the PC, which made my test system noticeably less responsive.

Frankly, I have never been particularly impressed with the Norton or Mcafee “internet security” suites. Their A/V stuff is fine, but the rest is overkill, and it’s for reasons like this. By the time your PC is done loading up the various elements of their “suite”, you’re lucky if your PC has any memory left at all.